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11 Mom Truths of Two Under Two

We’re nine months into this whole parents-of-two thing, and while we can’t remember our family without our spunky and happy girl, having one more baby in the mix definitely adds to the adventure and craziness of this life.

It’s wild to see just how much the two of them build off each other. Rhyan, of course, wants to do everything Logan does. Currently, one of their favorite games to play is to crawl down the hallway after each other, peals of laughter consuming them as they move from room to room.

There are dozens of these little moments that make my heart swell with happiness, and in the same vein there are a dozen more that make me feel like I’m losing my mind. Life of a mom, right? Here are 11 truths I’ve come to realize as a momma of two under two.

1. The strength of their bond. Watching them play or Logan helping his sister or Rhyan’s look of concern when her brother is crying (likely from a tantrum, because terrible twos) makes me so happy because they’ve got a forever friend in each other.

Best friends

2. As fast as you attempt to clean, your kids are two messes ahead of you. It’s basically a never-ending cycle of making messes and trying to clean them up.

3. They can and do work in cahoots. Kids know and recognize each other to be the same. Case in point, Logan and Rhyan know that the dirt in our flower pots are off limits, yet she always crawls over and grabs a handful because she loves that it makes her brother laugh. And he in turn, encourages her by gleefully giggling as I tell her, “No.”

4. You will stress eat. My particularly hard days always seem to occur when we’ve got no snacks in the house or right after my husband throws out the extra chocolate in an attempt to help us be more “healthy.” 

5. Simultaneous naps are as rare as a unicorn sighting. When it does happen I use that time to Netflix binge and relax. Or attack that to-do list. 


6. And if one child is sleeping you better believe the other will take that opportunity to want to play with said sleeping baby. Every. single. time. Doesn’t matter if it’s Rhy who’s awake and Logan asleep, or vice versa, both babies do this, ha.

7. Time flies even faster when there are two. Maybe it’s because you’re way more busy. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact Logan is turning TWO next month and Rhyan ONE two months later. What??

8. Making time for sex gets a little tricky because now you have two babies, most likely on different sleep schedules (definitely our case). And if they both prefer snoozing in your bed to their own, then the floor becomes your get-jiggy-with-it spot.

9. Some nights everyone has mac and cheese from a box for dinner. Hey, it’s Annie’s organic, so that counts for something. Right? Also, if you add broccoli, it goes from basic to gourmet. #parentinghacks

Day at the park

10. Some days are hard. Like sit on the couch, crying hard. Then your babies cuddle you and your world instantly brightens.

11. As much love, laughter, and light one baby brought to your life, two doubles it. There’s nothing like seeing those two smiling faces looking up at you with all the love and adoration only children can give. Or when those little hands take yours in theirs or the sweet smell of their hair as they nuzzle their heads into the crook of your chin and fall asleep on your chest. For all the ups and downs parenthood brings, nothing compares to the wealth of love and joy.


By Ravelle, January 27, 2017
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