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6 Mom Night Outs That Aren’t Your Typical Happy Hour

Being a mom is hard. Having friends who get it, helps keep you sane. So do the mom dates, sans kids (otherwise that’s just a playdate). If you’re looking to mix up your usual drinks and apps, we’ve got you covered with these six moms night out ideas.

1. Catch A Concert

#Beychella anyone? Concerts are a great way to get the squad together. Even if everyone’s taste in music varies, you can create a lineup of different shows to catch each time.

2. Cosmic Bowling

If you’ve never experienced it, cosmic bowling features neon lights, disco balls, your favorite trendy tunes, and several hours of bowling fun. Some places even have a DJ on the weekends!

3. Plan A Paint Night

Learn how to paint something fun and enjoy a glass or two of wine while doing it. Even if you feel like you aren’t artistically inclined, paint night instructors are on hand to help guide you. It’s amazing their ability to make painting the chosen scene for the evening as easy as those color by number pictures.

4. Schedule A Spa Day

Another idea that doesn’t have to be just at night. Whether you are going for a mani/pedi or you want the full treatment with a massage and facial, some me + bff time will have everyone feeling pampered and relaxed.  

Moms night out ideas

5. Arrange A Sleepover

Think sleepovers are just for the kids? Think again. After the kiddos go to sleep (it might be harder to coordinate no kids on this one, especially if you’re the host) it’s mama time! Grab a couple bottles of wine, pop some popcorn, create a playlist of your favorite jams or list of Netflix movies to watch. There’s also nothing saying you can’t combine the spa experience — add a nice mud mask or some DIY pedis, plus homemade margaritas and you’ve got a party.

6. Take A Cake Decorating Or Cooking Class

You can hit up your local Williams Sonoma or Sur La Table for a cooking class. Also, many culinary schools have cake decorating classes for small groups in the evenings after their classes for students are over.

This article was authored by the JoinMyParty team. JoinMyParty is a web platform that allows party and event planners to find and book local talent. It includes free tools for the planning process so everything can be organized and coordinated in one place.
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By Mommy Brain, October 20, 2019
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