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Easy DIY Contemporary Holiday Wreath

Add some sparkle to your house with this easy and affordable DIY contemporary holiday wreath!

We’ve all been there — you’re mindlessly scrolling through social media and a sponsored post catches your eye, you click on it, and then, “WHAT?! THEY WANT HOW MUCH MONEY?! FORGET THAT!” For me, it was a beautiful ornament wreath, and while I’ve been known to pull the trigger on silly splurge items, I knew I could create something similar for much less money.

What You’ll Need:

I bought all of my supplies for under $40.

Supplies for DIY Contemporary Holiday Wreath

PRO TIP: pour yourself a libation over ice, for easy triage when you inevitably grab a patch of still-scorching glue!

FULL DISCLOSURE: Since childhood, I’ve possessed a strong love for glitter, and all things shiny. As an adult I’ve learned to harness the obsession, but every year around Christmastime it runs free. Needless to say, all of my wreaths have a substantial amount of sparkle to them, but feel free to work with colors that speak to you!

Make Your Easy DIY Holiday Wreath


Step 1: DIY Contemporary Holiday Wreath

To start, apply a dot of hot glue to your wreath, and lay the tip of your ribbon on top. Use a spare glue stick, your phone, the bottom of your wine glass, ANYTHING BUT YOUR HAND to press the ribbon down. Wrap your ribbon around the entirety of your wreath, ensuring that all straw bits are covered. Glue the bottom piece of ribbon in place. A 10 yard spool of ribbon should perfectly cover an 18” wreath.


Step 2: DIY Contemporary Holiday Wreath

I like to look at the wreath in quarters, and tackle each section systematically. Apply a generous amount of glue to an ornament and firmly press onto your wreath. Repeat this step while taking intermittent breaks to hold your wreath up and ensure there aren’t any gaps. Remember that your final masterpiece won’t be viewed from hovering over it — it’s amazing how a different vantage point can change the overall look.


Step 3 DIY Contemporary Wreath

The little ornaments are perfect for the hard-to-reach places like the inside and outer rim of your wreath. They also add depth and intrigue when layered on top of the larger ornaments.


DIY Contemporary Holiday Wreath

Wreath holder or ribbon tied to a nail, the choice is yours, just make sure this beauty hangs in a prominent place so your family members and visitors can compliment your handy work!

Lahna Son-Cundy lives in Newport, RI with her husband and two kids. Follow her home renovation on Instagram here.
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By Mommy Brain, December 11, 2019
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