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A Wish For Our Daughters On International Women’s Day

“Now you understand, Just why my head’s not bowed…When you see me passing, It ought to make you proud. ’Cause I’m a woman, Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me.” ― Maya Angelou

When I look at my daughter, I see a girl who’s been setting her own stage since conception. Myles and I had always planned to have our kids closer in age, but Rhyan surprised us by a good six months, ha. On the day she was born, she came out with such a tight grasp on the umbilical cord that my doctor commented on her strength.

She’s not one to get left behind and is always right there with her brother, crawling (sometimes furniture cruising) as fast as she can. Or she’ll look you in the eye and lean just enough over the edge of the couch, that you think she’s about to tumble off, and as you rush to grab her leg she laughs with glee. I just love her adventurous spirit.

As a parent you have a lot of hopes and dreams for your children. For Rhyan, I hope she never loses her sense of wonder, that she continues to investigate and learn, and that she never loses her sense of self. I want her to know that she is powerful. There’s power in her voice, power in her thoughts, power in her body, and power in her love.

"Hear me roar!"

“Hear me roar!”

In honor of International Women’s Day, I’ve reached out to some of the amazing mommas in my life and asked them to share their wishes for their daughters.

The most important thing is for Cruz to be happy. I hope that she is passionate, has a good heart, and knows how much she is loved. – Andy

My wish for you baby girl is a deep and defined sense of self. I believe through self-expression, self-worth, self-esteem and self-love, you will be able to stand for what is right in the world and not dim your light for anyone. – Laura

My main wish for my daughter is good health, because without that nothing else matters much. I hope that we can make changes in our behavior to ensure that our planet is a safe place for our children to live. I also wish that she is patient, strong, and optimistic in what can more often than not be a scary and overwhelming world. And of course for her happiness, her education/success in what she is passionate for, and for her to find love and partnership the way I have with her father, and to one day go on to have her own daughter! – Christina

My dream for Mila is that she creates her own [dreams] and realizes that she has all the tools to make them a reality. – Lahna

I hope that my daughter always understands her value, knows how great she is, that she can do, and be anything she dreams and aspires to. I hope that she’s always happy, healthy, and that she follows her passions and desires in life. Also, that she stays her strong, spirited self, and always remains true to who she is. – Tracie

Well, I hope that my girls grow up happy, but not sheltered. That they are not afraid of a challenge and are able to be proud of themselves, without the need for validation from others. And to be intelligent, hard-working, and kind with a sense of humor! …Also for them to be best friends. – Joy

I really hope that she finds strong female mentors. I know for me (especially as a teenager) I didn’t always see my mom as my role model or mentor, but some of my high school teachers and college professors were hugely influential during those years. Also, I hope that she recognizes that when people are unkind to her, it says more about them than it does about her. When we are happy with ourselves, we lift others up. – Olivia

Zoe, you’re wise beyond your years…my dream for you is to become exactly whatever is in your heart and to know that mommy will support you no matter what! And Olivia, I can’t wait to see you bloom into the world traveler and animal activist I see you growing into. I love your sweet spirit it is going to take you so far. Make mommy even prouder girls! – Victoria

I wish for my daughter a future where social good is not just a “movement,” but her way of life. I want her to be brave and proud enough to stand up for justice and humble enough to serve the poor and needy out of love. I want her to grow strong wings and soar above ignorance and discrimination. I wish her dreams are never limited! – Denisse

I hope she grows up to be a smart, kind, and compassionate woman. Never afraid to be herself and conquer her fears, as well as her dreams. And that she lives a life full of love, wonder and curiosity for herself and the world around her. – Kenia

“My hope for my girls is that they never view being a female as a barrier. I know that I, as their mom, will know that it is unfairly true at times. But, my hope is that they are oblivious to that hardship. I hope that it is far removed from them. I know some parents like to tame their children’s goals and expectations; but, I hope my children, especially my girls, literally think that they can do anything…that they’re invincible. With that mindset I believe that no person nor thing can ever make them feel defeated or unworthy.” – Desirae 


By Ravelle, March 8, 2017
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