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A Peter Pan-Themed Long Island Halloween

We celebrated this Halloween as a family of four, in Long Island and with my parents. It was a complete 180 from last year’s Halloween, which was in Phoenix, and our first as parents. Life is funny that way. Rhyan was initiated into the tradition of a family costume with fairy wings and a green tutu, making her the cutest Tinker Bell we ever did see! As for the rest of us, Myles went as Peter Pan (green tights and pointy hat included), I was Wendy, and Logan a mischievous Captain Hook.


Family Costume Street

At 19 months, Logan is fully entrenched in the terrible two’s (yea, those start well before the two-year mark) and we generally don’t know which baby we’ll be seeing from one day to the next. Our happy, smiling boy, or the tantruming, screaming wild child. Well, with the time change throwing his sleep schedule completely out of whack, Logan didn’t nap. This resulted of course in a full on meltdown to get him dressed. The tears quickly dissolved when he saw putting on his shoes meant he could go outside with Pop Pop. (Insert eye-roll here.) Rhy on the other hand, had been happily playing in her costume for the last 40 minutes. Ah, the difference between a baby and a toddler.

Rhy Tinkerbell          Logan Peter Pan Solo

Once we bypassed the obstacle of actually getting his costume on, there was the matter of documenting the day with a family photo, because you know did Halloween even happen if there was no cute pic, ha? Another feat that was easier said than done. My dad must have snapped a dozen or so photos, before Logan was over it. He wanted to run and play, understandably of course. I guess nobody, except parents, really likes posing for family photos. 

Family Costume Sitting

Ironically, a few minutes after we gave up on the pictures a group of tween girls came trick-or-treating and spotted us in the driveway, exclaiming: “Oh my god you are the cutest!” and one even said, “Family goals!” They asked to take a picture of us and I’m pretty sure Logan gave them his biggest smile of the evening. Such a flirt! I contemplated asking them to send that picture to me, but then decided that might be too creepy, ha. And while last year’s trick-or-treating actually saw us make it around the entire block, this year we were only able to go to one house before the effects of not taking a nap caught up to him.

Dad and Rhy Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

We closed out Halloween on the couch, with two sleeping babies, and a handful of the candy my parents were handing out. I didn’t hate it. Especially because I didn’t have to sort through the loot for the “good” chocolate all the Snickers I could want was within arm’s reach.

Halloween Night Sleeping Babies

Details on our costumes:

I had thought about making them, but after we settled on a Peter Pan theme I realized it probably would have been more expensive to buy all the necessary materials. So to Amazon I went. We’ve got a Prime account: free (usually two-day) shipping…I’m pretty sure I spend way more than I realize, since buying is as easy as 1, 2, click. Below are all the pieces to each of our costumes and the cost. In total we spent about $129 (but really $100 because the green tights I bought for Myles are compression running leggings, so he’ll be able to use them past Halloween).

Peter Pan Costume: $21.99

Green Compression Tights: $29.99

Wendy Costume: $39.99

Captain Hook Costume: $20.39

Tinker Bell Wings: $5.99

Tinker Bell Tutu: $9.99



By Ravelle, November 1, 2016
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