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Three Things We Miss From The Time B.L. (Before Logan)

I thought it’d be an interesting experiment for Ravelle and I to write down the three things we miss most about times pre-Logan. Do not get me wrong, we love him, more than anything, but there are obviously some things that we both enjoy doing that we definitely can’t do as readily as we used to, so wanted to compare what it is we both longed for.

We decided to write these three things down and pass to each other at the same time, and just goes to show you, after being with each other for almost a decade, we think very, very much alike.

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Ravelle’s Top Three:

  1. Sex whenever the mood strikes
  2. Weekend brunch dates followed by movie dates at an actual theater…all in the same day
  3. Sleep. For more than two hours

Myles’s Top Three:

  1. Sex whenever
  2. SLEEP
  3. Going to the movies

In short, we’re apparently horny, sleep deprived and miss the cinema. Thankfully, Logan is getting a bit more predictable so we’re hoping to have the grandparents watch him for a few hours a week so wifey and I can get away and enjoy each other. Bonus points if we can cram sex, brunch, a movie AND a nap in that time!



By Myles, April 26, 2015
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