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The 60 Day Rollercoaster

The 60 Day Rollercoaster

Logan is two months now. It’s crazy to me how much he’s changed from the day he was born to now. And yes, I know that everyone says that, but I guess it doesn’t really sink in until the baby is your own—even more so because he was a preemie baby. He took us all…

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By Myles, April 25, 2015
Paleo Vegetable (Cheese-less) Quiche

Paleo Vegetable (Cheese-less) Quiche

After nine months of indulging, err maybe over-indulging in one carb-heavy craving after another—think pasta and meat sauce and almond croissants from Fairway’s bakery (seriously the best!)—it’s time to get back to a healthier way of eating. Before I got pregnant we followed a Paleo lifestyle, essentially eating unprocessed, gluten-free foods, about 80 percent of…

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By Ravelle, April 4, 2015
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