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Gym #Fail

Not sure how familiar you are with CrossFit and the class setup, but it’s typically conducted in one large room with a rather flexible format, a set coaching staff and a few baked in breaks between the warm-up, strength session and metcon (aka the “WOD” or workout of the day). Given all of these factors, we thought we could totally bring our 2-month-old to work out with us—just park him in his stroller on the sidelines, like some of the other babies I’ve seen in classes before, while mommy and I worked out. We can quickly check in on him and easily hear if he needs us; it was the perfect situation.

However, that wasn’t what we needed to prepare for…

Now, I love my wife dearly, but she’s not someone you’d ever characterize as “punctual” or even “on time.” Add a baby to the mix, and the three of us are just one big ass delay. So when we packed up and got ourselves in the car for a 5:30 class, we thought we were making great time, until we looked at the clock and it was already 5:15. How did that happen?! Needless to say, we did not make it to class that day. We did get a nice drive in though.


Pro tips:

  1. Add an extra 30 minutes to your prep time at a minimum. If you have to leave the house at 9am, prepare as if you had to leave at 8:30, and stick to it!
  2. Keep that diaper bag stocked and ready to go. It’s such a waste of time to have to run to the nursery and grab a few extra diapers, clothes, wipes, etc. Restock your bag at night that way you’re ready to go the next day.
  3. Start feeding your baby 1 hour before you have to leave. I can’t tell you how many times we’re about to walk out the door and Logan starts rooting and crying to be fed, and I don’t know about your baby, but ours likes to graze and take his time eating, so that’s definitely a time suck.
  4. Have a bottle of milk ready to grab from the fridge. Sure you just fed your baby, but if you have a kid like ours, you can never have too much milk handy. And one thing you learn early on, it’s better to be overly prepared than not.
  5. Do. Not. Leave. The Pacifier. I know some parents are against the use of a pacifier, or a “binky” – but I know it calms my son when he’s having a meltdown in the car and helps him fall asleep much quicker, especially since he’s started fighting his sleep like CRAZY.

So the first gym run with the entire family was a learning experience, and learn we did because a few days later we successfully made it to class! We really hit our stride that morning. We were working in perfect unison, had everything prepped, got out the door with plenty of time, and got to the gym 10 minutes before class started! High fives all around!

But now the real test: would Logan be able to sleep through 60 minutes of weights dropping and hip-hop music playing? I’ve heard tales of other kids having no problem with this, but what about my kid?

Got through the warm-up fine. He moved around a bit and lost his pacifier in the stroller a few times, but all in all, he was really great. However, I was most afraid of how he’d sleep through the actual WOD—a barbell complex that included deadlifts, hang cleans and push jerks, all movements where you drop the bar to the floor after. 

Our little guy didn’t even budge. He slept through the entire workout and only woke up as we were packing to leave because he was hungry. (See Pro Tip #4)

Not every baby is the same and not every situation will be like this, but my advice to you is to find a workout regimen and community where you can bring your little one with you. Some have day care, which is great, but for places without, having the option to keep them within view during the workout is clutch. And after all, it’s never too early for kids to witness healthy lifestyle choices and how important being active really is!


-Ravelle & Myles

By Myles, April 24, 2015
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