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A Phoenix Zoo ‘Noon Year’s Eve’ Celebration and Our Goals for 2016

What a whirlwind of year we have had! From Logan surprising us six weeks earlier than his expected due date, to becoming new parents and the excitement, craziness, and overwhelming love that comes with the roles, plus to top it all off, our cross-country move — I’d say 2015 was more than we could have imagined and then some. Each year I have more and more to be thankful for and this one was no different, especially with the expected spring arrival of our baby girl!

We kicked off the last day of 2015 with the Phoenix Zoo’s “Noon Year’s Eve” extravaganza  — there were snow mounds for the kids to play in, and even one for tots five and under. Logan didn’t seem too keen on the snow, though. I think it probably had something to do with how cold it felt, plus he’s still too young to understand the concept of packing snowballs and playing in the stuff for the fun of it. To him, it was just cold and wet — deeming it uninteresting, ha.

"What's this Stuff on the floor, dad?"

“What’s this Stuff on the floor, dad?”

Hmm, it's cold — not interested.

Hmm, it’s cold — not interested.

He did love all the animals, though, and I think it’s safe to say that the giraffes were his favorite! Maybe because he was able to get a very close-up experience. Well, that and the fact that one of his favorite toys is a blue giraffe named Gerry. After a morning of visiting the giraffes, lions, elephants, monkeys, and flamingos, we headed back to the lake for a noon cider toast. Talk about perfect timing, Logan was ready for a n-a-p after all that excitement, so we left right after.



Feeding our new friend.

Feeding our new friend.

One of the things I’m having fun discovering about Phoenix is the number of family-friendly activities and events available, but not only that — I’m also loving how easily accessible and affordable everything is. The “Noon Year’s Eve” event was included in the general admission price of a zoo ticket, but I think the most cost effective approach is to get the membership. Basic membership details:

  • For one adult, the year-long basic membership is $55 (second and third adults are an additional $40 each).
  • For children/teens 3 to 18 it’s $30 per.

General admission in comparison:

  • For one adult it’s $20.
  • For kids 3 to 13 it’s $14.

Tots 2 and under are free for both general admission and the membership. If you plan to go to the zoo more than twice a year with the whole family, the membership definitely pays for itself!

That smile says it all...

That smile says it all…

  • Our family goal for 2016 is to have more adventures like this. We’re going to try something new or explore a new part of Arizona at least once a month.
  • Our personal goals are to eat cleaner and form healthier dining habits that we can actually sustain in our day-to-day. I would also like to get between 3-4 workouts (40 minute walk, 3-mile run, CrossFit class, etc.) in a week. I used to be super fit before baby(ies) and I’d like to re-form those habits. Myles has similar aspirations as he has signed up for his first half IRONMAN (next up: a FULL)! His goal is to look at his training as more of a sport, rather than a workout.
  • Our relationship goal is to surprise each other once a week — this could be anything from me taking out the trash (one of Myles’ chores) to Myles’ picking me up a Chai latte when he was out earlier this week because he knows I love them, to a spontaneously planned date.

To help us stay on track with our family and personal goals, I found this great 3×4 foot calendar that’s now hanging on the wall in our kitchen. It’s just the thing for keeping track of Myles’ work travel, our workout schedules, and activities!

Cheers to 2016 and all that it brings!

Cheers to 2016 and all that it brings!


What are your goals for 2016 and what are some of the ways you plan on seeing them accomplished?

– Ravelle

By Ravelle, January 10, 2016
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